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955 E. Commerce Drive, Suite A

Traverse City, Michigan 49685

Phone: (231) 929-2934

            (800) 274-8255

Fax:     (231) 929-4580



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Repair, Service, and Programming


Radio North has a trained staff of technicians on hand and on call to assist you with any repair, service, or programming needs you may have. We provide these services for all major brands of Two Way Radios, Pagers and 911 Dispatch Center Equipment.


We also provide Tower Registration, Tower Painting and Lighting Repair.


FAA Forms




Our technicians are available 24-7-365 for your EMERGENCY NEEDS !!!


FCC and FAA Services including New Licenses or Narrow Banding

We can provide computer studies for coverage and path studies for point to point microwave.




The computer study map shown here provides a visual image of the coverage our customers receive on the Radio North Traverse City Tower site.


Vehicle Installation Services
Radio North offers complete installation services to suit all of your in vehicle needs.  Our technicians are experienced in installation for all of your electronics, lighting needs, prisoner confinement systems, in vehicle video systems, push bars, K-9 unit cages, and many other types of equipment.  Just call our office for information regarding these services. We can install here in our shop or in the field at a location of your choice.

Radio North Communications System


Radio North operates a LTR trunking repeater system that you can have access to for your business at a reasonable price compared to cell phone plans. This system is capable of five channels. Because it's trunking you do not have to listen to all the other users on the system, only your programmed radios will be able to hear the transmissions.



Technical Expertise:

Radio communications Systems design & Implementation
Video / Audio System design & implementation (fixed and mobile)
PSAP Center (NG911) design & implementation
911 PSAP consolidation and virtual consolidation
ESI network implementation
Microwave / point to Point / Point to Multi-point
Interoperability / communications, CAD, Data
Interference analyst (congested site) applications
System design multi-spectrum applications
Wireless Industry (cellular, PCS) coverage and site analysis
Channelization, capacity and hand-off system analyst
Co-location site analyst
Telephone system applications (networks, PABX, E911, T1, T3, & data)
Communications system design, fleet management
Tower design, application and management
Tower proliferation consulting
Safety program implementation for R.F. radiation and fall protection
     and general OSHA safety compliance
Network, wired and wireless LAN, WAN, Man
New technology research

Project Management:

PSAP consolidation and virtual consolidation
RFP, RFI technology design and analysis
Facility remodeling design and construction including "Green Compliance"
Facility design for Public Safety
Technology implementation, wireless and wired network integration
voice, video, VoIP, MDC, CAD, RMS, AVL, SCADA, logging recorders
Network Integration for Intra-agency and interagency
Multiple County radio communications systems
Mobile data communications systems
Tower and facility design and implementation
Site management ad contract negotiations

Radio North has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau of Northwest Michigan.